| Zane + Karli |


June 28th, 2019 was a day to remember forever. Just looking back through these photos has me reliving all the joy and excitement I felt on the big day. Zane and Karli truly had the perfect day from start to finish. They both spent the morning getting ready in their childhood homes surrounded by their parents, siblings and closet friends as laughs, smiles, and happy tears were shared. Excited anticipation hung in the air as everyone began arriving at the church, and I mean everyone; the pews were packed! From the moment the doors at the back of the church swung open and they made eye contact, Zane and Karli could not stop smiling at each other. These smiles didn’t leave their faces for the rest of the day. After the ceremony, we headed to their grandparents property for bridal portraits which is the same place I’d taken their engagement photos just four months earlier. Before heading to the reception, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to stop in and see their Grandma, who is 103, and was so excited to see her great grandchildren on their wedding day.

Capturing Zane and Karli’s wedding was such a privilege for me. I was able to witness and capture all of the special moments and emotions that most guests don’t get to see: the happy tears as dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, the pure joy on mom’s face as she watches her son exchange vows with the woman he will spend the rest of his life with, and of course, standing in the back of the church in view of their support system comprised of family, friends, and loved ones all watching as two lives became one! Any photographer would have loved to capture Zane and Karli’s wedding and their sweet, genuine and fun personalities, but the cherry on top for me was having known and grown up with these two in the same hometown and witness not only the union of their marriage on this day but the start of their love story all those years ago! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Smeznik! Your day will always be engraved in my mind and heart and those of so many others!

| Karli + Zane |

This enchanting engagement session turned out to be one of my all time favorites! The frigid temperatures had finally subsided to reveal a muddy, snowy mix covering the ground. Not exactly the most picturesque image, but the family property that Karli and Zane chose had something else in store for us altogether!

While driving the car around to scope out our options, we pulled up to a long line of mature trees that formed an alley in the woods. Sunshine streamed through the branches to fall onto untouched snow. It felt dreamlike, and I knew we were going to get some magical shots in there! After the first click of the shutter, I took a peek at the back of the camera and had to do my best not to let out a squeal of joy (okay, so a little one may have escaped!). Needless to say, we circled around to this same spot at the end of the session!

Before long, these two were taking the posing into their own hands and having so much fun as they were able to laugh with and at one another! The session was made complete as their sweet dog trotted along with us and family paparazzi watched lovingly from behind the lens!

How lucky am I that I also get to capture their wedding this summer! Like, is it June yet?!